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When You Don’t Have a Back Forty

Not everyone has a huge or even smallish yard to garden in, but don’t let that stop you. Growing plants, period, is gardening. One great option is planting in containers: You don’t have to suffer with the problem soil everyone else does, and have flexibility in moving your plants around for better growing conditions. I’ve gardened in pots before, but was pretty amazed when I saw the container gardens of iVillage’s GardenWeb user “pvick”.

Check out this mix of perennials, annuals and vegetables grown on this gardener’s 11th floor NYC balcony. Lucky plants, lucky neighbors.

So if you’re short on space, here are some tips for growing in containers:

  • Consider the moisture needs of the plant you’re growing. Most commercial soil mixes are pretty light and fluffy and will drain quickly and may need more frequent watering.
  • Fast draining containers will have to be fertilized more often. A layer of compost on the surface can conserve moisture plus add nutrients.
  • Pick the right sized container. Shallow rooted beauties like thrift could be grown in a shallower container, but make sure your plants have enough room to stretch their roots; they’ll grow better and dry out less often.

4 comments to When You Don’t Have a Back Forty

  • jo martin

    I am so delighted to see PV’s garden featured here! I’ve known her for several years now and each year her garden is more impressive than the year before. And I agree: lucky neighbors to have such beauty in their midst!

    • Lisa

      Jo, thanks so much for stopping by, I’m just so pleased pvick agreed to let me use her gardens, I think it’s just magic what she does.

  • Yvonne

    Congratulations Pvick! This recognition is way overdue. You know I have always admired your flowers forever. I hope they exploit you even more to learn of all your talented areas of the Arts.

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