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Mysteries of the Stella D’oro

My end of season daylily blooms illustrate why I like Stella D’oro as much as I do. Stella’s been around for 35 years, and remains popular for its long bloom cycles. The thing I noticed the with my latest blooms is that they have a very different appearance from my summer blooms. Overall they’re smaller and  have a more delicate appearance. The color is paler; the edges are so thin they almost appear white. The earlier season Stellas were much more heavily textured. Of my other repeat bloomers, I expect to see a difference in the quantity of flowers; the first heavy flush followed by sporadic flowers, but I really wasn’t expecting to see what looked like a completely different flower.     




The early season, almost ta-da type blooms work in well with my early summer blooming scheme, the heavy flush of color and texture helps to bring out the magentas and pinks I favor in my summer garden. By fall, the delicate blooms of my Stella D’oro really stand on their own, delicate pops of pale yellow standing out against a sea of green.        



5 comments to Mysteries of the Stella D’oro

  • I see the same with my stellas and love the evolution. Also, mine gave me 1 to 3 flowers at a time ALL summer long and still. Never stopped but never more than that. It’s a young specimen, Can’t wait to see what it will give next year. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lisa

      Glad you like them too:). I know some people who avoid them since they can be sometimes overused, but I couldn’t ask for a more perfect plant for the location I have it in. This clump is about 6 years old, and definitely the best year so far.

  • A very beautiful flower! It does look like two different plants completely. And they look amazing against the magentas of your other flowers

    • Lisa

      I consider myself blessed to have as much space as I do. Years ago I was greedy for windowsill space, now I get to play in the fresh air. Thanks for stopping by :)

  • I like Stella too, though in my climate the foliage just disintegrates by the end of summer. I envy you that your foliage still looks anything approaching reasonable in fall, as the blooms on daylilies, and stella, are just lovely.

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