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The Winnie the Pooh Guide to Building Summer Memories

Gardening is about building layers of memories, building history. For me that means having miniature ziplock bags on me at all time. My family makes fun of me, and I’ll admit, my compulsion to seed snatch (with permission) is almost a sickness. Because of it though, I have a garden full of plants void of . . . → Read More: The Winnie the Pooh Guide to Building Summer Memories


Dust on a Butterfly’s Wings

I’ve recently had the pleasure of becoming familiar with the Paul Vallee National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat and Monarch butterfly waystation gardens in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. Paul’s taken gardening to a grand scale, and has created a true wildlife habitat. For those of you who would like to learn more about attracting butterflies and nature . . . → Read More: Dust on a Butterfly’s Wings


Vanessa Atalanta, She’s Not Who You Think She Is

I’ve wanted to attract more butterflies to my garden ever since visiting the Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory several years ago. I was enchanted by the Blue Morpho, and although I’ll never see that tropical butterfly in my midwest garden, I knew there were things I could do to attract other species.

This and many . . . → Read More: Vanessa Atalanta, She’s Not Who You Think She Is


We Had a Crazy Good Time

The afternoon went by in a flash; my girlfriend Beth and her husband Kirk, out from Idaho for a reunion. A few hours, an excellent meal and a great bottle of wine later, they were again on their way. Wishing they didn’t live so far, I wanted something to remember the day by. Like many other happy . . . → Read More: We Had a Crazy Good Time


The Secret Eyes of Bees

This Penstemon (mexicali ’Red Rocks’) is one of my favorite flowers. I look forward to seeing it every year with its cheery pink blooms and the way bumble bees seem to almost get stuck inside when feeding. You can tell at a glance that this flower was designed to attract bees. Foraging bees brush against the four pollen laden . . . → Read More: The Secret Eyes of Bees


Let The Bees Have Their Fill

I stepped outside this evening with clippers in hand. I know that if I cut back this bee balm it will bloom again. But after watching the bees hovering and crawling in and out and all around, I just don’t have the heart. Instead, I move to something else and decide to just let . . . → Read More: Let The Bees Have Their Fill