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How to Build Childhood Memories

I love this picture of my daughter from when she was a little girl, she’s absolutely devouring this lilac with her nose. I have no idea what her earliest garden memory is going to be when she’s grown, but almost hope it’s this one. When she and her brother were little, and . . . → Read More: How to Build Childhood Memories


On Finding the Strength to Say Goodbye

Handful of Blooms

A fantastic afternoon of weeding, digging, and readying my garden beds for fall has allowed me to put things in order and also to come to a decision I’ve been wrestling with all summer: The marigolds, they’ve got to go.  

I realized that I really needed to take charge of the situation after glancing at them . . . → Read More: On Finding the Strength to Say Goodbye


Mother Nature’s Top 5 Tips For Selecting WOW Factor Plants

Several years ago, “WOW factor” became the new catch phrase at work, as in “What is your WOW factor”? Hopefully I have enough “WOW” going for me, but chatting with an old work friend who’s lucky enough to have moved on to a more satisfying career, I was reminded of it again. I’d like to take the . . . → Read More: Mother Nature’s Top 5 Tips For Selecting WOW Factor Plants


How to Improve Your Memories

I love wandering thru my gardens at the beginning of the day with its purposefully baked in good memories, scent and sights of the present, and anticipation of things to come. Whereas some gardens are happiest contained, by the end of the year, mine are obnoxiously spilling over everywhere, and it’s a full afternoon of digging . . . → Read More: How to Improve Your Memories


The Winnie the Pooh Guide to Building Summer Memories

Gardening is about building layers of memories, building history. For me that means having miniature ziplock bags on me at all time. My family makes fun of me, and I’ll admit, my compulsion to seed snatch (with permission) is almost a sickness. Because of it though, I have a garden full of plants void of . . . → Read More: The Winnie the Pooh Guide to Building Summer Memories


If it’s Not Working, Why Keep it?

Especially in a garden. Since most of what I have I’ve grown from seed, cuttings or divisions of mature plants, I have no qualms about yanking what just isn’t working. Or I try not to. This tangled mess of ornamental grass had been the highlight of my late spring garden, literally stopping people in . . . → Read More: If it’s Not Working, Why Keep it?


Be So Beautiful

Be as beautiful to others as the flowers are to you

. . . → Read More: Be So Beautiful


When Lazy Turns Frugal

A few weeks ago I realized that a sunflower seed that had spilled from one of my bird feeders was germinating in the middle of a flower bed. Instead of yanking it, I let it grow. To Terrie, the girl who had deer eat all of her sunflowers and just left her with tall pointed sticks, and all . . . → Read More: When Lazy Turns Frugal