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What Tomatoes Teach Us About Slowing Down

By the end of my work week, I look forward to some time off. No conference calls, no computers. With hands on hips, I’m able to take a moment in the garden to catch my breath. Surveying my vegetable garden, I’m pleased with how well my tomatoes are doing. For some people, . . . → Read More: What Tomatoes Teach Us About Slowing Down


When You Don’t Have a Back Forty

Not everyone has a huge or even smallish yard to garden in, but don’t let that stop you. Growing plants, period, is gardening. One great option is planting in containers: You don’t have to suffer with the problem soil everyone else does, and have flexibility in moving your plants around for better growing conditions. I’ve gardened in . . . → Read More: When You Don’t Have a Back Forty


If it’s Not Working, Why Keep it?

Especially in a garden. Since most of what I have I’ve grown from seed, cuttings or divisions of mature plants, I have no qualms about yanking what just isn’t working. Or I try not to. This tangled mess of ornamental grass had been the highlight of my late spring garden, literally stopping people in . . . → Read More: If it’s Not Working, Why Keep it?


The Tinkerbell Guide to “Faierie” Gardens

Fairy gardens are the quaint expression of an ancient belief, that fairies live among us and by leaving a little bit of our garden uncultivated and scaled down, they can be coaxed into spreading their magic.


My own fairy garden is slightly less romantic, sorry fairies. The center of it is a highly . . . → Read More: The Tinkerbell Guide to “Faierie” Gardens


Can I Have a Drink?

Plants are pretty obvious when it comes to letting you know when they need a drink: Some wilting, stems drooping, and yellowing leaves or browned edges. They like to be watered regularly and deeply to promote deep roots and protect against surface root growth which makes them more prone to sun damage. New or transplanted . . . → Read More: Can I Have a Drink?


Are You a Zone Buster?

Once you start gardening, you’ll begin encountering “zones”. The USDA plant hardiness map has divided the US, Canada, and Mexico into zones measuring the average lowest temperatures. Every plant label and seed packet is going to include plant zone information, basically telling you your odds that the plant you’re checking out is going to make it . . . → Read More: Are You a Zone Buster?